V-Shape gynecological clinic is located on the second floor of an apartment blog in Glyfada / Attiki-Greece. The concept of the design is based on the idea of creating areas that will transfer the visitor-patient into a new spatial and temporal reality, stepping away from the conservative standards of private clinic-departments.

The orthonormal system is being replaced by a game of diagonal lines that is incorporated into the furniture design creating a unified composition with multiple uses, including the waiting room, reception, library etc. These diagonal lines symbolize the pubic triangle of the woman, referring to the Cycladic figures. The body’s standing position forms a V and brings up directly the conceived triangular of woman’s vagina and the idea of fertility.

The individual areas such as the corridor and waiting area make the spatial boundaries to disappear, as they absorb and minimize visitor’s feeling of being trapped or stressed. This is achieved through the expansion of the etched straight lines on the ceiling and the floors which are multiplied visually through reflections. All the doors embody scattered spatial elements when they are opened or closed to intensify this feeling.

Artificial light’s colour filtered, creating a conceived journey inside the female body where the natural light gets filtered by the human skin. The WC is designed to be round shaped, so as to exaggerate the parallelism with the female uterus. Bright led colours combined with spatial reflections and geometrical surfaces of the furniture create a futuristic sensation. As in a science fiction movie space seems to have been created at a later time. This playful theatrical aesthetic contains by choice a sense of irony upon human’s illusive beliefs on future spaces, since this clinics program revolves around the new born life.


Project: V-Shape Clinic

Principal Architect: Kirki Mariolopoulou

Design Team: Myrto Aggelopoulou, Maria Melidi

Construction: Christos Betsis

Photographer: George Messaritakis

Location: Glyfada

Area: 150 sqm

Year: 2012