The emblematic lighthouse that stands out the cape Murro di Porco, exposes a unique landscape of great history and beauty of the Syracuses heritage. The importance of the lighthouse is revealed through the interrelation between the inner and the outer world. It conflicts the lightness and the darkness through a play of the act of seeing and being seen. The lighthouse embodies dialectic qualities by default, as it incorporates functionally and regionally several thesis and antithesis. Inspired by lighthouse’s dialectics, we draw upon thesis and antithesis in order to outline perceived contradictions for Porco di Murro. The proposal seeks to reveal the contradictions of the site area emphasizing the dialectic between the different (spatial or programmatic) elements leading to a synthesis of a new ‘LightscapeHotel’ that exposes all these controversies. 

The notion of the sea hotel manifests the idea of escapism, whichis related to the fact that people choose this destination for vacations or making a break / stop from daily routine seeking experiences that could relief them mentally and physically. The proposal seeks to establish an urban loci for escape in the Capo Murro di Porco.

The spatial arrangement designed to allow flexible and easy permeable areas within a pre-existing context but also creating a direct access to the sea, allowing multiple programmatic functions and extending the existing lighthouse’s and the adjacent buildings’ life span. Due to the scattered pre-existing buildings, the hotel is divided into two separate volumes. One is integrated with the existing lighthouse building and incorporates the public areas of the hotel as well as contemporary piazza (on the upper level), that acts like an observatory of the majestic ecosystem; sky rock sea. The second volume becomes the linear extension of the nearby ruin building, forming the private hotel areas, rooms and apartments, linked with a contemporary ‘sottoportico’, which is etching a linear path to the sea.

In addition, a new ground is imported, as a link between the two separated volumes, creating a new strolling landscape which traces the rocky terrain and smoothens the steep cliff and harsh vegetation area.  Its uneven form creates a journey on the terrain where you are able to experience holistically the maiden beauty of cape.


Design: Kipseli Architects

Principal Architect: Kirki Mariolopoulou

Design Team: Ilias Romanas, Maria Tsouma, Eirini Viaropoulou, Mary Dialektaki, Mary Kaldani

Location: Capo Murro di Porco, Sicily

Year: 2016