This apartment in Vouliagmeni, unfolds in a black and white setting. The living room, the fireplace and the bookshelf-door partition between the more private and the more public areas of the house are black, while the kitchen, the corridor and the bedrooms are white. They are all designed and furnished in a clear, simple, a little austere even way. The aim of our architectural approach was for the entire space to function as a neutral canvas on which the owner can “unfold” his personality, to “lay” his colorful memories and experiences. To be able to enjoy the luxury of a hotel suite, more as a guest,  since, due to both his professional occupation and his character, he travels often.

The glossy surfaces in combination with the use of mirrors and glass result in the unification of the spaces through reflection. At the same time the play between the absorption of light by the black colored surfaces and the reflection of light by the white, creates a different space composition, a parallel reality.

In this particular apartment, the living areas and the sleeping areas hold a secondary role, function as a backdrop. In contrast, the office, which is the space that serves as the connection between the owner and his profession, acquires much more importance, becomes the core, the “control room” of this residence. The entrance to the office, a specifically designed iron door, is a symbol of the mind and thought, a game, a labyrinth. Just as every thought, every idea in order to mature has to go through all sorts of complicated routes and stages, even may reach a dead-end, before they result towards the solution, head for the exit, the opening of the door.